I'm proud of my heart :)

There is nothing more a beautiful than  a person whose heart has been torn ...
but still believes in the beauty of love 

I'm proud of my heart ..
It's been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken,
but somehow it still works

 I am very grateful to
because give me chances to love and be loved
by a someone who deserve it ..
and I really thankful to him ..
because come into my life ^^
willing to sacrifice anything for my sake
try the best to make me smile ..
try the best to make me happy ..
and I admit it ..
u are the best dear ...
seriously I'm happy when I with u ...
and I hope I will be with you forever ..
I wish u will be the last for me ..
i really hope that :')
InsyaAllah if we have a good intention .
ALLAH S.W.T  will always by our side ..i love you dear ..
im really love you ..
 a person that I mean is AHMAD AFIQ ZAKWAN :)  
thanks being a part of my life ... 


whenever you're having a bad day
remember this ,

and I'm

and for my be loved mama and abah ...
thank you for protecting me since I was little until now :')
thank you so much !
both of you are always in my MIND and my HEART 

psttt : Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow.

to handsome and prettiest ..
thanks for visiting my blog ..
and read my entry ..
i appreciate it ..
thank you so much ..
#muahhsikeddd :*

bye bye and assalamualaikum ;)

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